Freedom Summer Volunteers:


The New South Student (Newsletter) Archive and selected digitized issues: December 1966; January 1966February 1966 and various 

Prospectus for the White Student Project, Kay Holler, WSSP. Undated (possibly late 1963 or early 1964)

A Proposal for Expanded Work Among Southern White Students and an Appalachian Project, Sam Shirah, SCEF. Undated (possibly 1964)

Report on Southwide Fall Conference at Old Gammon Seminary, SSOC, November 13-15 1964

Stokeley Carmichael speech to SSOC conference, Stokeley Carmichael. SNCC. November 1964

SSOC Fund Appeal Letter, Ron Parker, SSOC. January 12 1965

Address to Southern Student Organizing Committee, Stokely Carmichael, SNCC. March 21 1965

SSOC Conference

SSOC Brochure

SSOC Prospectus 

SSOC By-Laws and Reports

Literature Available from the SSOC

SSOC Program and Conference Proposal 

SSOC Christmas Project 

The New Nonviolence, David Dellinger. Undated.

Organizing Migrants, Gene Guerrero, SSOC. New South Student, October 1966

Memo to SSOC (on organizing whites), Anne Braden.


Gregg L. Michel, Struggle for a Better South: The Southern Student Organizing Committee, 1964-1969