Scholarship on the Freedom Summer and SNCC

William McCord, Mississippi: The Long, Hot Summer (1965)

Clayborne Carson, In Struggle: SNCC and the Black Awakening (1981)

Mary Rothschild, A Case of Black and White: Northern Volunteers and Freedom Summers (1982)

Doug McAdams, Freedom Summer (1988)

John Dittmer, Local People: The Struggle for Civil Rights in Mississippi (1994)

Charles Payne, I’ve Got the Light of Freedom: The Organizing Tradition and the Mississippi Freedom Struggle (1995)

Wesley Hogan, Many Minds, One Heart: SNCC’s Dream for a New America (2007)

John Dittmer, The Good Doctors: The Medical Committee for Human Rights and the Struggle for Social Justice in Health Care (2009)

Bruce Watson, Freedom Summer: The Savage Season of 1964 That Made Mississippi Burn and Made America A Democracy (2010)

Michael Edmunds, Risking Everything: A Freedom Summer Reader (2014)

Jon Hale, Freedom Schools: Student Activists in the Mississippi Cvil Rights Movement (2018)

Memoirs by volunteers

Elizabeth Sutherland Martinez, ed. Letters from Mississippi: Reports from Civil Rights Volunteers and Freedom School Poetry of the 1964 Freedom Summer (1965; Reissued 2007)

Sally Belfrage, Freedom Summer (1965)

Tracy Sugarman, Stranger at the Gates: A Summer in Mississippi (1965)

Len Holt, The Summer That Didn’t End: The Story of Mississippi Civil Rights Project of 1964 (1965)

Kathy Emery, Linda Reid Gold and Sylvia Braselmann, ed., Lessons from the Freedom Summer: Ordinary People Building Extraordinary Movements (2008)

Other Resources on SNCC

“Books by SNCC Veterans,” SNCC Digital Gateway, SNCC Legacy Project and Duke University,