This Friends of SNCC chapter worked to educate other students and local people about the harsh reality of segregation and racism in the South. They marched against police brutality after “Bloody Sunday” in Selma, Alabama. Below you can see a picture from that protest. One protester held a sign that said, “freedom to suffer until they die?” Also, the chapter actively worked to spread information about the every day violence and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party election. Chairman Laura Fisher educated others while staffing a table on campus, a picture of which can be seen below.


  • Lauren Fisher, Chairman 1965


Freedom Party’s Challenge Explained, El Gaucho, March 15, 1965

Selma Registration Object of Noon Rally, El Gaucho, March 10, 1965

It Can Happen Here, El Gaucho, March 10, 1965

Benefit Tonight, El Gaucho, April 13, 1966

‘Night of the Hunter’ to Terrorize Tomorrow, El Gaucho, March 24, 1964

Photos of March for Selma, El Gaucho, March 31, 1965

Movie on SNCC Shown Tonight, El Gaucho, December 16, 1964 (with a photo of Laura Fisher)

Students to March in SB, El Gaucho, March 15, 1965