Brief Description:

A group of seven women, most of the married, formed the Marin Friends of SNCC chapter in 1964.  The members of this chapter worked to bridge class divides as they designed fundraising activities aimed at upper-middle class audiences. They raised funds through various socialite activities, like charitable theater productions, dinner cruises, backyard dinner and cocktail parties, and more. Through their efforts they raised hundreds of dollars at a single event. At these events, attendees listened to first-hand accounts and expert opinions on voter registration in Mississippi. Within their first year of operation, this chapter recruited a significant number of members. A separate College of Marin Friends of SNCC formed  not long after this chapter.


  • Mrs. Joseph Moore (Chairman)
  • Mrs. Nellie Gillis (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Mrs. Juanita Vincent
  • Giovanna Kirby
  • Mrs. Paul Rosenthal
  • Mrs. Edward Radenzel
  • Mrs. Robert Greensfelder
  • Debra Hall
  • Mrs. Paula McCoy
  • Gwendolyn Hall
  • Mrs. John Cascone
  • Diane Leach
  • Corte Madera
  • Hugh Hendricks
  • Michael Franzblau
  • Art Brown
  • Clayton Meredith
  • Fredrick Werthiem
  • Ross Angress
  • Herbert Angress
  • William Carpenter
  • A.R. Wierbinski
  • Don Umphress
  • James Holland
  • Margaret Grant
  • Betty Hansen
  • Herbert W. Kennedy
  • Richard Liebes
  • Jack Eshleman
  • A.B. Richardson
  • Nesbit Crutchfield
  • Sali Lieberman
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Kerson

College of Marin Friends of SNCC

  • Mike Sweeney
  • Edward Collins
  • Judy Roberts
  • Allan Gotch
  • Samuel Schwartz (Faculty Advisor)
  • Fred Winn
  • Robert Scoville
  • John Bright
  • Mike Carmack
  • Mike Carroll
  • Willie Clay
  • Mike Goldman
  • Martha Olson
  • Grace Pearlman
  • Peter Rockwell
  • Vivian Schluter


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