Brief Description:

Kerner Christianson and Donna Trugman attempted to gain university recognition for this Friends of SNCC chapter in thee Fall Semester of 1965. The Ohio State Student Senate voted against recognizing their chapter, which prevented them from being able to begin fund raising campaigns or to bring speakers to campus. The Student Senate’s vote against this chapter caused some controversy on campus. Ultimately, this chapter did receive recognition before the end of that semester. This chapter was then able to bring local SNCC organizers to speak to the student-body and work on plans for a Freedom Singers concert. This chapter remained active into 1966 and debated whether bussing was a beneficial integration system.


  • Roger Walker
  • Kerner Christianson (President)
  • Donna Trugman (Vice-President)
  • Robert Hoeger
  • Rosemary Casey
  • P. Bernard O’Kelly (Faculty Advisor)


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Recognition Doesn’t Matter, Lantern, November 8, 1965

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