Lawrence Landry and Sylva Fischer established the Chicago Friends of SNCC in 1962. Over the course of the 1960s, the Chicago Friends Chapter expanded to include two other chapter hubs within the city. Moreover, as the map below demonstrates, the Chicago Friends of SNCC developed an expansive micro-network within the city. To learn more about the work of the Chicago Friends of SNCC, see The Chicago SNCC History Project .

University Affiliation (where applicable)

  • University of Illinois, Chicago (Rushing)
  • Loyola University, Chicago (Sparks)

Key Members:

  • Lawrence Landry (1962-) (Co-Chairman)
  • Sylvia Fisher (1962-) (Co-Chairman)
  • Fannie Rushing (1964-)
  • Jimmy Bolton (1964-)
  • Ralph Rapoport (1965-)
  • Beth Joffe (1965-)
  • Robert T. Sparks (1965-)
  • Joan Kehoe
  • Maurine Wiener


Micro Network (under construction)

Oral History Interview with Fannie Rushing (The History Makers) – About: Fannie Rushing discussues the Friends of SNCC Chapter in Chicago and the impact of working in SNCC during the 1960s.