Oxford Friends of SNCC

Brief Description: Members: Dave Lewis Bob Striple Archive: 78 Leave Here on Summer Rights Project, The Cincinnati Enquirer, June 19, 1964 More Rightists to Leave Oxford for Mississippi, The Cincinnati Enquirer, June 25, 1964 Brochure, Inter-Collegiate Conference on Community Action in Race Relations, ca. 1961, Freedom Summer Text & Photo Archive, Miami University Thoughts on […]

Oberlin College Friends of SNCC

Brief Description: Members: Kathy Coulbourn Jerry Parker Martha Honey Jerry von Korff Fred Dubow Archive: The Student Voice, August 2, 1960 The Student Voice, Supplementary Election Issue 1960 The Student Voice, January 1, 1961 The Student Voice, February 3, 1964 The Student Voice, February 2, 1961 The Student Voice, June 2, 1964 The Student Voice, […]

Cleveland Friends of SNCC

Brief Description: Members: Roy Ginsburg Archive: Civil Rights Worker Finds Fear in South, The Case Tech, February 11, 1966 Coming Up, The Case Tech, May 14, 1965 Fertile Wasteland, The Reserve Tribune, April 29, 1965, Edition 02 Friends of SNCC to Explain Black Power, The Reserve Tribune, October 21, 1966 MARKINGS, The Reserve Tribune, November […]

Cincinnati Friends of SNCC

Description: 3 Locations Members: Ruthie Hansen Roger Abramson Maurice McCracken Don Madison Archive: Mary Varela letter to Xavier, p. 4, Xavier University Newswire, December 14, 1962 City Will Try to Bar Brown: Race Militant isn’t Welcome, The Cincinnati Enquirer, August 12, 1967 City Can’t Bar Rap Brown Visit, Acting Solicitor Says, The Cincinnati Enquirer, August […]

Athens Friends of SNCC

Description: Members: N/A Archive: Athens Aids Civil Rights in Mississippi, Poster Collection, Ohio University Archives Two Ohio Civil Rights Drivers Risk Arrest to Deliver Athens’ Aid to Southern Negroes, Ohio University Post, March 20, 1964